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Since leaving the corporate world to follow my dream, I feel so blessed to be sharing my heart and soul everywhere I can. There have been so many magical moments on this journey! I often get requests for a recording of a recent show, or just more recordings in general - and I am excited to now offer these here! As a Subscriber you will get instant access to (and can download) exclusive recent live concert recordings and more. I so appreciate you! Being a full-time performer has been the toughest thing I've ever done, and your support makes it possible. My life's mission is to inspire people. Thank you so much for helping me do that!

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- Dixon

Dixon's Violin

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Dixon's Violin
Detroit, Michigan
You've never heard violin like this! The world's premier visionary violinist, Dixon's life mission is to inspire people - and he has done so across North America, including giving three TED talks/performances, plus radio, TV, and film appearances. A former technology leader and symphony violinist, Dixon walked away from a distinguished career to follow his dream, and invented a whole new genre.

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